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When terminating employment during a probationary period, a one week notice applies if the length of service is longer than one month.

In case of indefinite contracts which extend beyond the probation period, notice has to be given prior to the termination of employment. Notice is to be given either by the employee, or by the employer in cases of redundancy. Notice is calculated on the employee’s continuous length of service, as follows:

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Calculate your Notice Period

  • For​ more than one month but not more than six months-one week
  • For more than six months but not more than two years-two weeks
  • For  more  than  two  years  but  not more than four years-four weeks
  • For  more  than  four  years  but  not more than seven years-eight weeks
  • For more than seven years, an additional 1 week for every subsequent year of service or part thereof up to a maximum of twelve weeks
  • For  such  longer  periods  as  may  be  agreed  by  the employer  and  employee  in  the  case  of  technical, administrative, executive or managerial posts
  • Notice period starts on the first working day after notice of resignation or termination.
  • Assuming ‘Monday’ to ‘Friday’ as working days.