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The Malta Salary & Tax Calculator

Broadwing Employment Agency is offering a free tool to calculate your weekly, monthly, or yearly net salary based on the tax rates in Malta. This simple tool gives a clear breakdown of gross salary and deductions including tax, Social Security contributions (SSC/NI), government bonuses and most importantly the net salary you take home.

I'm a Student

I'm under 18 years old

I was born before 1962

Period Weekly Monthly Yearly
Gross Salary
Government Bonus # € 9.86 ** € 42.71 ** € 512.52 †
NET Salary

Updated on 19/04/2021

* Monthly average, dependent on month having 4 or 5 weeks

** Not included in net salary calculation for period

† Paid every 3 months

↻ Includes Tax on Government Bonus

# The Cost of Living Allowance in the Malta Salary Calculation is added to the gross salary in the next fiscal year of year employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check My Salary was developed to calculate the take home salary (NET salary) of any individual working in Malta and to provide a breakdown of the Tax and National Insurance (SSC).

The calculator can be used by anyone that fits within any category of Class 1 Social security Contributions as listed below.

Under 18 years of age
Earning less than €172.51/week
18+ years
Earning less than €172.51/week
Weekly wage between €172.51 – €349.36
Weekly wage greater than €455.78
Under 18 years of age
Following a full-time course or studies under the Student-Worker Scheme or other similar schemes
18+ years of age
Following a full-time course or studies under the Student-Worker Scheme or other similar schemes

Yes any expected bonuses and allowances are included in an employee’s payslip and are taxable according to the applicable tax rate of the individual.

You can visit the Personal Tax info page by the Inland Revenue Department of the Commissioner for Revenue in Malta. Broadwing Employment Agency is also happy to assist you directly or by directing you to relevant contacts that ca answer any queries you may have.

Malta Tax Rates – 2018
Social Security Contributions (Class 1) – 2018

If you are working in Malta, you are required to declare all your income, from whatever source and including income of your spouse or dependent children. This must include any income derived from Malta and any other EU and non-EU member states.

A government bonus is a small bonus that is added to your salary by the employer, at a predetermined rate, to help cover the cost of living. It is calculated on a pro rata basis based on the weekly hours worked. This bonus is taxable.

The full statutory bonus is payable every six (6) months.

For more information on Malta’s Government Bonuses click here.

An individual qualifies of the parent tax rate if they have a:

Child up to 18 years of age

Child up to 23 years of age who has a combined income of less than €2000/year from stipends and employment.
The tax rate is applied automatically if:

The parents are married
Single Mothers
For a single father to qualify for the Parent Tax Rate, they must request a document from the Courts of Malta and submit a ‘Parent Rate Application Form’ available from the Inland Revenue website.